Growing up in the exciting nineties, one of Evan’s first ever memories was of him letting go of his mother’s hand, on his first day in kindergarden: «Now you have to go», his mom Rouli vividly remembers him telling her, a line that has become his motto ever since.

Drifting around the shop she and her brother Peter kept in Kifissia, the first ever Anatol boutique, her young son would get his tiny hands on anything he could. From playing doorkeeper to fixing the shop windows over and over again, his aim was to create an unforgettable experience for anyone who would enter his world. A classic Scorpio with a touch of Virgo, he loved every little detail in the shop: from the wooden tables to the soft carpet, he knew he was not allowed to run around but he had won all the responsibilities and privileges of a proper shop keeper. His grandfather Evangelos was the one who taught him how to repair things, how to work with his hands and treat delicate watches and their tiny parts with love and respect. But it was his mother who showed him how every jewel is unique, instilling in him a respect for precious things and the importance of every little detail, that would even reach the perfect tying of a bow that would gift-wrap a jewel before it left the shop.

He was around nine years old when a regular customer asked for his assistance and finally trusted him enough to buy a ring from him. He still remembers it to this day, a pink gold piece with a green amethyst stone. The combination of a creator and businessman grew in him from then on. A box full of beads, given to him by his aunt as a Christmas gift, turned into a lovely opportunity to create and also sell beautiful, hand crafted pieces. Even the private tutors that would come to his house could not resist his sweet persuasion and impeccable talent. Seashells in the summer, colorful beads in the winter, Evan never stopped creating, always with his favorite classical music in the background, a piece of paper, a pencil, an eraser and a sharpener next to him. Creating is a meditating process for him, in which he needs to hold the stones in his hand, to feel the energy that has come from the earth and envision the future of each and every one of them. Will two blue stones end up together? Will they compliment each other in a ring or will they forever be parted? The decision is in his gentle hands. And it is always the right one.